Self-excluding gambling scheme – what is it?


The online world has open new possibilities to gamblers. Even though the ability to bet anywhere is liberating, it also brings certain dangers. How can you, as a gambler, protect yourself from it?

For some, even with the online access to the gambling casinos, betting remains a form of occasional amusement. Others instantly sink into the world of gambling. With online services, it’s easier than ever. In the past, it was only possible to bet on upcoming games. Now, the possibilities are much broader. Live betting and other services make the world of online gambling much more immersive. This way, the risk of compulsive behaviors enhances.

However, there is a way to remain safe even if you notice such tendencies in your own gambling schemes. Choosing self-excluding from non-gamstop casinos can allow you to prevent yourself from crossing the boundaries that separate amusement and the verge of addiction.

What is a self-excluding scheme?

Not every gambler has a tendency towards compulsive behaviors. They can be a result of genetics and family history as well as many other factors. The consciousness of these is the first step towards self-protection. Noticing the compulsive patterns should be followed by adopting individual measures before delving into addiction and losing objectivity. The self-excluding theme is the most accessible solution – free and easy to implement.

As the name suggests, the self-excluding scheme was designed to limit your access to the casinos as a result of your own previously made decision. The scheme, developed by the UKGC, is a free service that anyone can sign up for. Filling some details and proving your identity will be necessary.

When using Gamstop, you choose the length of the self-exclusion period that later cannot be changed. This way, you are automatically prevented from using gambling apps and websites. Note, however, that the scheme covers only the online casinos licensed in Great Britain.

The non Gamstop betting sites are registered outside the UK. If you consider them a risk, you may also manually add them to the self-exclusion list. This way, you’ll be stopped from using these even though the scheme doesn’t automatically include them.

How to protect yourself from compulsive behaviors?

Gambling addiction is a problem that cannot be handled individually. If your compulsive behaviors are arising, the self-excluding gambling scheme is a solution that can protect you temporarily. However, consider reaching out for professional help. The sooner you react, the more chance you have to prevent yourself from falling into addiction.