The Obsession for the Poker Solutions

The Obsession for the Poker Solutions

Poker is above all a matter of position around the table. The positions are defined in relation to the player located at the button, that is to say the one who deals and who is called the dealer.

The Right Buttons

The button is considered to be one of the best positions in poker. The player in this position benefits from a maximum of information before playing and can therefore try to bluff more or make fairly regular raises.

To the left of the button is the small blind

The player necessarily commits chips in this position and finds himself first to position once the flop is revealed. Note that this is a rather perilous position where the raises must be well thought out. To the left of the small blind is the big blind. There again, the player is obligatorily engaged in the blow. He is the last to speak before the flop which allows certain actions like raises or limps.

After the big blind, we find the position called UTG or Under The Gun, literally “under the gun”. Very delicate, this position should be exploited almost only when you have a very large game. The places to the left of the UTG player are called UTG +1 then +2 depending on the number of players at the table.

Small turn now to the right of the button with the Cut-off

This place is ideal for initiating attacks and is increasingly used as the button. To the right of the Cut-off, we find the Hijack. Located at the end of position, this position favors the game with weaker games than in UTG such as small pairs or matched connectors or not. Between UTG + 2 and Hi-jack players, we find the players in the middle of the position. This place does not offer an excessive field of action.

  • When you are new to poker, you must respect the positions by favoring the button and the places to the right of the latter to try movements.
  • Stop and go is all about paying a pre-flop bet and putting your stack on the flop, regardless of the cards that come out. Risky, however, this poker strategy can save you from a tournament and take you out of shortstack status.

The ideal situation for making a stop and go is when you find yourself in the big blind, in dominoqq shortstack mode and one of the players around the table has raised. Note that only one raiser is needed to minimize the chances of loss. If one or more opponents have called the raise, do not attempt to stop and go. If you’re in the lead, just call the re-raise. 


Once the flop is revealed, take advantage of being the first to move your stack, without worrying about the flop. This move should be done when you are shortstacked, because it is rather risky. The goal here is to make your opponent fold. Be careful to target the latter. If you try to stop and go against a chip leader, your stack is unlikely to impress him and he may call you with a semblance of a draw or a third pair on the flop.