Poker Solutions for A Great Earning

Poker Solutions for A Great Earning

Today we start a series of articles on how to make money thanks to poker, written by a dear friend, who has achieved important results with both cash and sit’n go on a well-known Italian poker room.

They will be real lessons, aimed at understanding how to earn in an alternative way , because in our path aimed at Quitting Working , a fundamental step is economic independence, so it is urgent to find a source of income to replace the current job.

We will use technical terms from time to time, if you feel unfamiliar, keep an eye on  the Poker Glossary

We have already discussed the real possibility of How to Earn with poker online, establishing how skill games are the only way forward; thanks to the experience of a real poker player, who earns enviable figures from home, we will discover together the most effective and profitable mental and mathematical approach.


This first article is just an introduction, aimed mostly at newbies and beginners who intend to stop playing poker relying on luck, and are willing to earn serious money. The purpose of the information that we will detail is to make us acquire those skills that usually all players learn the hard way at the tables, but losing a lot of money.  Generally, people pay dearly for their experience, taking years to reach the adequate level of knowledge that would allow them to “make money”, and some even never get to understand the true essence of the game, continuing to give money to those who instead approaches the game in the correct way.

    • Today, thanks to the expertise and experience of a real poker player, who earns his living through his skill, we will understand how to avoid wasting our money, starting immediately to consider poker as a sure source of income.


  • The idn poker discipline, which exploded in the old continent in the early 2000s, is undoubtedly the most practiced online. Also in Italy, for some years now, this form of poker has been included in the so-called skill games, that is, games of skill, this because in the short term the outcome of the game can be largely decided by luck, but in the long run the game prevails. skill , and fate becomes an irrelevant component. What we will try to do, step by step, is to help you make the right decisions at the table.



You will probably think that poker is a game where only other people compete, and you are right, but in order to prevail over the opponent you must first fight and overcome your emotions, so it must first be considered as a game against yourself.