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Where written history, as a kind of characteristic of our own time, requires and anticipates a change in reflective consciousness. In the sense of the birth of logical thinking and separate individual consciousness, it also creates an individual sense of meaning separated from the whole of life for the concepts of happiness and victory. Everyone has surely heard the story of a young boy and a running race with a wad of mangoes as a prize?

In the mythical era “before” our own era, when being human meant humanity, being a subject, submissive to being subject to the forces of the world, i.e., the constant, living recognition and recognition of the superiority of the gods, happiness also became meaningful and understood as current subjective consciousness.

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Happiness in the sense of realizing one’s own place and living it, in the context of attaining destiny, was realized in the world of myth as an opportunity to overcome destiny, to deceive the gods. The one who danced with the lucky one thus illustrated to himself and others the forces to which man was to remain subject, and in the order prescribed by him to live and die.

Thus, through the wheels of fortune, card games, and slots online games of chance that exploited numbers and letters , the sphere of life in which man appeared in his own life, and which life itself seemed to offer only certain predetermined possibilities, was further illustrated. Changing this atmosphere, seeing it beyond, asking questions about one’s own life, was then the real contribution of the happiness’s invitation to dance.

The opposite of happiness in this game has never been misfortune, but justice, in the sense of reasonableness and balance. The resulting contradiction between justice and the sense of justice is still a significance of the relationship between the individual and the community, a kind of measure of karma, of balance. Which is thus calibrated from time to time by the intervention of the unfortunate in human life.

So the concept of ‘happiness’ at the time has little to do with the current perception. In today’s world, happiness is structured as a kind of innate right, imagined as the realization of constant new possibilities in life, a continuum centered on a certain illusion of sudden enrichment, and hardly in the sense of achieving a sense of ‘justice’.