Why is RTP a factor when choosingslot games to play?

Why is RTP a factor when choosingslot games to play?

Casino games are a popular way for people all over the world to stay entertained. They are also a superb way to relax and let off steam after a busy day. While you could try games like poker or roulette, slots are arguably the most played game at casinos. Simple to play and lots of fun, these games also come in a range of themes.


Due to their popularity, you will find slots at all casinos. It is key to pick where you play carefully first though, before getting into which games to enjoy. If you need some help, Latest Slot Sites is a great online resource for iGaming fans. This trustworthy site brings together the best slot sites to game atand means you can easily find a safe one to use.


Once you have found where to play, you should also think about RTP before diving into a slot game. But what is that and why should it be a big factor when selecting a slot?

What does RTP stand for? 

When it comes to basic betting concepts,  RTP is something you will hear mentioned a lot with slot games. It stands for Return to Player and shows as a percentage how often the game pays out over a set period. Each slot game released will have an RTP figure and it can usually be found at the casino you use, the game developer’s website or with a quick online search. In the modern age, any slot with an RTP above 96% is considered worth playing. 

Why is RTP important for playing slots? 

While maximizing your strategy for slots is wise, it is first critical to factor in a game’s RTP figure – but why is this? In simple terms, it tells you how well a slot pays out over time and how much it might pay back to you over several spins. Picking a game with a higher RTP therefore should see you win more oftenwith larger payouts. Although playing slots is all about having fun, most people also like to play games which give them the best chance of winning some money. 

Which slots have the highest RTP figures?

One of the best is Mega Joker from NetEnt. This game has a an RTP of up to 99% and has cool features like fruity in-game symbols plus a Supermeter for more winnings. Jackpot 6000 is also worth checking out, as it has an RTP of up to 98.8%! 1429 Uncharted Seas from Thunderkick is a nautical themed game and has a pleasingly high RTP figure of 98.6%. 

Slot game RTP’s matter 

If you plan to play slots when at a casino, you need to factor in RTP first. This will help you find a game which pays out well over time and which should see you make more money as a result. Whether you play some of the games listed above or find others with a high RTP, it will help you get more from your gaming.