Why is Bitcoin Popular for Online Gambling?

Bitcoin Popular for Online Gambling

Crypto-currency and Bitcoin in particular, continues to thrive around the world. It’s usage is becoming more widespread and commonplace. It’s popularity is especially high in the online gambling sphere. In this article we will lay out three reasons why we think Bitcoin is popular for online gamblers.

One of the founding reasons for Bitcoin creation was privacy of transactions. This is very appealing to gamblers who play want to play with anonymity at their favourites best online casino Malaysia, UK or Canada. Your details are kept from prying eyes as you usually only need your e-wallet to deposit and cash out funds. Gambling is still a taboo subject in some parts of the world so the privacy element resonates massively with people who want to enjoy gambling secretly and not reveal much about themselves.

With regular currency, you sometimes have to wait up to 3 days for a transaction to take place. In the modern world, we want things instantly without having to wait around. Fortunately, Bitcoin doesn’t rely on intermediaries to make any manual transaction. It’s all online and fast which allows punters to play their favourite games quickly. We suspect the speed of transaction is a huge factor to using Bitcoin as most professional casino reviews place heavy attention on speed of transactions.

Lower Fees
Finally, we come to the fees you pay when gambling. It amazes us that credit cards are still so popular online when you consider their fees. Miss a payment and you will be racking up heavy fees to pay too. In contrast, bitcoin transactions are practically free. Their fee for maintenance is so low you probably don’t even notice it. This may not seem like a big deal but if you’re a regular gambler, the fees you pay should be a big consideration as they will add up over time. Therefore, Bitcoin should be a preferred option to it’s competitors.

There you have it, three compelling reasons why Bitcoin is so popular for online gambling. Now you know, will you give Bitcoin a try?

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