Why Do You  Need to Win the Casino Hard Deals?

If there is one game that characterizes casinos, it is roulette that emerges in the top 3 of the favorite games when our readers are asked to name the first games that come to their mind. So it seemed normal and even important to us to train yourself in this game which is fascinating when you participate in it.

Sit around a roulette table and you will see what feelings will run through you. After that, you will definitely want to start over.

It is true that this game is appreciated by players

It may be because it is easy to approach. There is no real technique to learn, you just need to know the setting up of the bets on the mat to then be able to start a game, around the table, next to players just as excited as you. . Whether you are young, old, on a tight budget or on a budget, there is always a spot available for you at the roulette table.

Do not be impressed by the environment, a few training sessions and you too will master it.

The environment, let’s talk about it

You will therefore find a wheel which will be composed of 37 squares for European roulette, the one we are talking about, from 0 to 36. You will never touch the wheel, only the croupier is authorized to handle it. Visit https://www.barracudasushi.com/ and know a lot about it.

Then you have the betting table. This is the most interesting part for you because it is on this space that you will place your chips to bet. The table includes the 37 numbers but also more special bets that we will see together.

Below you have the types of bets you can take with their payout ratio. You can bet on:

  • 1 number is a full number (35 to 1)
  • 2 numbers, it’s a horse (17 against 1)
  • 3 numbers, it’s a cross (11 against 1)
  • 4 numbers is a square (8 against 1)
  • 6 numbers is a sixain (5 to 1)
  • 12 numbers, it’s either a dozen (1 to 12 for example) or one of the three columns (2 against 1)
  • 18 numbers, it’s a single chance, Black / Red, Miss / Pass or Even / Odd (1 against 1)
  • 24 numbers, that’s either two dozen or two columns (0.5 to 1)

This is actually the most important thing you need to remember to place your bets wisely.

Roulette is popular because it is easy to play

The object of the game is simple, you have to guess which number will come out, that is to say which will be designated by the ball. You will obviously place your bet on the table according to your forecasts.


You can designate not a specific number but a group of digits in which the number would be located. This is why you can bet on Black or Red for example. You also have the freedom to bet on several numbers if you want, while respecting the minimum and maximum bet of the table on which you are playing. So good luck everyone.