What is IDN, and what are the different IDN projects?

What is IDN, and what are the different IDN projects?

IDN also called as International Domain Name is a thing which enables people from around the world so that they can use the domain in their local language irrespective of their location in the world. IDN are a kind of script which is uploaded of different kind of languages.

Languages like Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic or Devanagiri. And these are the script which is the most common and are also used by the IDN because of the majority of people visiting these countries. ICANN is an institute which has registered IDN as a program to assist in development and advertisement of different things and languages.

This program of IDN is focused mainly on the implementation and usage of the IDN’s top-level program called as (TLD) Top Level Domain, this also contains IDN’s country code for the TLD and also the generic code for the TLD to function at its fullest.

Situs IDN is also an IDN project which is used so that the page can be translated from Indonesian to the English language or to any other language of the choice of the user and also it depends upon the country from which they are using the website from.

Top-level Domain projects (TLD’s)

Here is the list of all the Top Level Domain on the IDN which are currently being used:-

  • Root Zone- Label Generation Rules

This is a major community project which is currently in the process of introducing the IDN’s TLD to all of the websites which are available on the internet so that everyone can access them in their local languages.

  •  IDN variant TLD implementation

This is another project which is created to support the development and also the implementation and security and assurance of the IDN on all the website so they will have to do something to make sure it’s safe.

  •  LGR tool

This is an application which can be downloaded by the user, and this will help them to access, use and manage the IDN according to their usage and this is also called as the Root Zone Label Generating Rules program.

  •  IDN ccTLD fast track progress

This is a program that is created by the IDN community so that it can be implemented on the different website which is belonging to different countries and territories which can be able to use this program and also recommend it to others.

Second Level Domain project

Here is the list of all the second-level domain project:-

  •  IDN implementation guidelines

This is a recommended practice that should be followed by all the countries so that they can all implement the use of the IDN, which can eventually make the life of all the people easy.

  •  Second Level LGR reference

This is only a reference level encoding which is used by the reviewers which are under constant surveillance by the moderators to make changes so that it is used by the people.

I hope you get some valuable information form this article.