Top Casinos and Hotels to Spend the Festive Holiday

Top Casinos and Hotels to Spend the Festive Holiday

With Christmas around the corner, it is time to start making plans for your Christmas trip. If you love casinos, there is nothing more romantic or fulfilling than spending your festive holiday in any of the best casinos and hotel resorts in the world.

Enjoy the amazing casino experience in casino royalty cities. Lounge at the hotel and visit anytime at the nearby casino floor. Here are the top casinos and hotels to spend the festive holiday.

  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most famous casino tourist attractions in the world. Millions of visitors visit casino floors in Sin City which is also mentioned in IBTimes. Las Vegas holds the reputation of the dream casino life. The city has made many millionaires and billionaires. Note that during the festive periods, Las Vegas casinos are at their busiest.

While in Las Vegas, visit the Bellagio Casino for an amazing casino experience. Before you get in, you will see the famous Bellagio Fountains. The Bellagio has numerous gaming facilities that cater to both the new and experienced players. The ARIA Resort and Casino is another top casino you should visit before leaving the city.

  1. Atlantis Resort

December is the time when the winter is at its best; the Northern Hemisphere is freaking cold by this time. It explains why many people head out to warmer temperates like the Bahamas. The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas will grant you the opportunity to have a splendid holiday. You can enjoy playing casino games at the resort and relax with a trip to the beautiful beach. Enjoy a wonderful December in the best weather while everyone back in the Northern Hemisphere is battling winter.

Atlantis is one of the best places to take out your family for a holiday. It offers more than just casino attraction; there is an attraction for everyone. There are many activities for children, such as a visit to Santa’s Workshop.

  1. Casino Aruba

Aruba is another beautiful location to enjoy Christmas with casino attractions. Enjoy its pristine white sand beaches as part of your festive activities. Need a casino to play your favourite games? The Casino Aruba at Hilton is perfect for you. Enjoy the special Christmas Brunch at Hilton. However, I recommend you try out some of the local restaurants around. The Pan de Jamon bread from Venezuela is a treat not to miss. The Ham di Pasco which looks like the regular Christmas Ham is another delight you should taste while on the island.

  1. Niagra Falls

The Niagra Fallsview Casino is the place to spend our festive holiday. Apart from the obvious attraction to its exciting casino floors, you get to catch other fantastic holiday sights. Kickstart your holiday by visiting the famous Niagra Falls. It is a lovely place to spend the holidays with your family.

There are so many fun activities to enjoy at the sight of Canada’s most popular casino. The Christmas On Ice Show is one exciting show you can watch while in the territory.  Watch professional skaters perform mesmerizing moves on the ice.


The festive period is a nice time to plan a trip out by yourself or with family and friends. While your motivation to visit may be to enjoy fantastic games at famous casinos, you also want to pick spots that offer more than an online casino and a suite. Las Vegas, Atlantis Resort, Casino Aruba and Niagra Falls are thriving spots where you can enjoy exciting casino experiences and other outdoor attractions.