Poker Ranks: The key to hand reading will help you win the game

Poker Ranks: The key to hand reading will help you win the game

The reading hands in idnpoker are a basic and necessary skill to good results. In addition, like everything in life, placing an opponent in a poker range has a part of methodology / theory and another part of art. You must know the base, but that does not guarantee success … If not, everyone would win tournaments! What you will find in this article is a basis for a correct reading of ranges in poker.

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Opening ranges in poker

The reading of hands in poker is a basic thing to determine the opening ranges. It is essential to know how to read during the game, but now it will be easier to determine what an opponent has is before the flop.

Raises from early position: we can expect a premium hand, be it a clean hand, with a previous call, or rise. Although depending on the opponent’s ‘stack’, play style or especially if there are no previous raises, we could include AJ, JJ or even QK in the poker reading, despite not being so correct.

Raises from intermediate positions: We can include any hand with two faces, TT, or even A8 with a clean hand. If he re-raises with a previous raise, he is either a monster or a bluff.

Raises from ‘dealer’, ‘cutoff’ or blinds: Here we would already add in the ranges of poker hands such as connectors of the same color or a worse accompanied A. Also couples in hand.

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Calls: Generally, a pre-flop call is a sign of weakness, with some exceptions, such as low pairs in hand or an attempt to hide AA or KK in late position. If there are several ‘calls’, an intermediate hand may be due to the profitability of seeing the flop.

More variables for reading poker hands

The situations to see the opening ranges in poker of the previous point mainly affect normal situations, but they will not always be given. At late stages of the poker idn game we can find players with a large ‘stack’ who press with somewhat worse hands, as well as players in a hurry who do the same because they need chips. However, the reading of hands in poker is difficult mainly with the appearance of common cards.

The opponent entered with a great hand and has not tied anything – in this case, we will see a continuation bet or a fearful ‘call’.

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The opponent entered with a great hand and has made something – In this case, we can see a value bet or a cheat check if the hand is already the winner.

The opponent has linked a monster – He will enter with a very good hand or a normal hand has linked a double pair, three of a kind or even a full house.

In the end

These are just some of the situations that we will face when looking to read poker hands. However, the difficult part will know what decisions to make based on them, bearing in mind that the rivals will try to make it difficult for us to read, just as we will. Are you starting to practice?