Online slot games in 2020: what you need to know?

The net is full of miraculous tips on how to make money on online slots, or worse, using terms and algorithms that are indecipherable for most mortals. Let’s get things straight from the start: our tips can easily be put into practice and if you do, we can’t guarantee you’ll earn more, but for sure you’ll lose less and enjoy more and longer playing situs joker123 online slot.

Find the most profitable slots

What do you notice when you decide to try your luck with a free online slots? The next few paragraphs will give you a new perspective on choosing which slot to play with. Using online RTP database is one of the primary tools you can rely on to get the most out of playing for real money. The RTP calculates what part of each game’s total bet goes back into the player’s pockets on average. If you take 100% of the bet, and the player gets back 97% on average, the house edge would be 3%.

Most slots have an RTP of between 92 and 98.5%. At first glance the difference may seem small, but if you look at it from the perspective of the Joker123 online casino, the earnings range from 8% to 1.5%. The house would have a 5 times higher chance of winning, which would obviously be subtracted from yours.

How to use the RTP database?

When comparing slots to choose the one that pays the most, thinking in terms of advantage can be a bit difficult, and this is where online RTP database comes into play. You can sort them by their percentage of RTP, also sort them by provider. Also, as you search for the title you like you can discover other games with an equal or more advantageous RTP.

The next step, after seeing some slots with an interesting RTP, is to test them by playing for free with the demos, personally inspecting the details of the game. Although the RTP is important, other aspects such as volatility are also important to discover an interesting slot.

What are wide slots?

Wide slots are online slots with features that are considered to be particularly player-friendly (with a low casino advantage). They are considered as opposed to “narrow slots”, which instead have a lower RTP and a high volatility index. The two characteristics that define wide slots have nothing to do with their features, number of reels, theme or bonuses. It’s not that they’re particularly fun or exciting to play – they simply exceed 96.5% RTP and have a low or very low variance index. You can find such slots in the catalogs of all software providers. They are present in all licensed online casinos. Only the most knowledgeable players use this type of data to select the slot machines.