How to win some guaranteed money from playing card games?

How to win some guaranteed money from playing card games?

If you look at the current surveys about the favorite pastimes of the common man during this lockdown situation, you will surely find out that card games are among the top spots. Card games have always been one of the most prominent pastimes for everyone irrespective of their age. However, as it never hurts to win some money, people actually place bets and money on these card games. And one of the most important aspects of winning a card game is the fact that the deck of cards is playing against you. So not only you have to compete against your rivals but you also need to take care of the deck of cards. And this thinking is what has led to the development of different types of cheating equipment that are now used in regular card games. One of the most prominent ones in this regard is surely invisible ink marked playing cards.

What is invisible ink marked playing cards? How do they work?

Now many may not know what invisible ink cards are and how they work. Well, in simpler terms, invisible marked cards are just your regular cards with inscriptions of the numbers and signs on the back of the card. Like for example if it is a 5 of spades then on the back of the card with invisible ink 5 of spades will be written. Now people may think if the writing is invisible then how can one see it in the first place. Well, the answer is that the cheater needs to use infrared contact lenses. You see the invisible ink that is used in these cards is actually written with a special type of ink which can only be seen if read using infrared contact lenses or infrared sunglasses. So the invisible ink marked playing cards actually work in a pair that is you will need both i.e the deck of invisible ink marked cards as well as infrared contact lenses.

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