How to Find the Top 5 Online Casino Sites?

How to Find the Top 5 Online Casino Sites?

For someone that wants to begin to play at an online casino it is important to find information beforehand. It is only obvious that someone that is going to risk their money first searches for the best place to do so. For this reason it is good for web pages to show which are the best online casino sites. It is not only important to throw the names of casinos out there but also to give specific reasons as to why these online casinos are good. Otherwise the information has no validity. To see information from a third party about the top 5 online casino sites click here. Below you can read the most important features to define the top 5 online casinos.

Welcome bonuses

The first thing to see in an online casino are the welcome bonuses. These bonuses have the goal of creating an incentive for new players. They aim at attracting new customers. Therefore, some online casinos will really try hard to outperform the competition. For the most part the welcome bonuses of most casinos tend to be similar but they vary in the amounts. Like I mentioned before, some online casinos make sure they have the best offer on the market. These are the usual welcome bonuses:

Deposit match- when a customer makes the first deposit the online casino will match the

deposit. It is important to look at the details of what the limit amount is. For instance, some casinos will have a 100% deposit match with a limit of $200. Therefore whether you deposit $200 or $300 your bonus will not be more than $200.

Free spins- Free spins are basically free turns to play games. Many online casinos offer free spins as the sole welcome bonus and some offer them on top of the deposit match. These are a great way to make money because you are playing for free but whatever amount you win will be real money.

Wagering- While wagering itself is not really a bonus, it is still important to pay attention to it. Some casinos require a certain amount of wagering in order to withdraw any bonus funds. This is a security measure used so that players don’t sign up to get the deposit bonus and then withdraw this money without even playing.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty is something people search for in a friendship or relationship. Online casino sites are also on the search of loyal players. The difference from them and your friends is that online casinos are willing to reward you for your loyalty. The way loyalty programs is pretty simple. As players become current members of an online casino they begin to achieve certain levels of loyalty. The amount of money played that is required varies per casino site. As an overview, casino sites have VIP clubs for members that play often at their site. These VIP clubs have tears usually ranked silver, gold, platinum, diamond ect. Some of the usual rewards for being a loyal player includes:

  • Free Spins.
  • Free credit to play
  • Increased banking speed
  • Faster customer service


Security is a concern that many players have. It is normal to not be trussful of online pages when there are so many things that can go wrong. To begin with, there are too many scammers out there who offer fake promotions in order to be able to steal your information or money (or both). Moreover, there are too many hackers who we have seen can get into the databases of some of the most important companies. For those reasons the best online casinos have to prove they are trustworthy sites. To prove they are legit sites they should have detailed information about their business on their website. It is always good to do research on the website on third party sources as well. As for the anti-hacker protection the information about their security features should be highlighted on their site. Some of the features you would want to see in their page before playing are:

SSL- Secure Socket Layer  creates a secure encryption between the player and the online casino.

2-step verification- This process sends a code to your phone when you login to ensure it is you.

Game Providers

The same way there are many online casinos in the market there are also many game developers. You will see a pattern where the best online casinos usually have the same developers. This is because there are developers who make the coolest and most original games. Therefore, high end casinos make sure to partner with these providers. Some of the names you have to be on the look for are:

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • IGT
  • NextGen
  • BetSoft

Game Variety

Besides having games from the best providers, it is also important to have a big portfolio. With all the competition in the market, online casinos need to offer something extra to players. Those casinos that offer thousands of games for players to choose from are some of the most popular ones. The reality is that maybe one player will not play all 1,000 games. However, it means that if you have 1000 players there are high chances all of them will find one game that they like. The categories for games are about a dozen. Pokies, blackjack, poker, roulette are some of the most popular categories. Within these categories there are many variations which is how some casinos can have as much as 1000 different games.

Top 5 Online Casino Sites

After looking at all the features listed above we have made the following list of casinos for you:

  1. JackpotCity
  2. LeoVegas
  3. Casino Mate
  4. Spin Casino
  5. Royal Vegas

In Conclusion.

It is important to do some research when someone wants to begin gambling online. There are so many online casinos in the market and they all say that they are the best. That is why it is always good to do research on neutral pages to find more reliable information. We have provided a detailed description of the most important aspects to look at in an online casino page. Moreover, a list of the top 5 casino sites online was provided as well.