How to avoid online casino scams

How to avoid online casino scams

Large casinos are being affected by fake casinos. Picaresque and Internet are two things that go hand in hand, and sometimes give rise to fake online gaming platforms that only seek to profit from the unwary who fall into them. They cheat, swindle, steal and, in the end, generate a quite important discomfort in all the people who enter them.

How to avoid falling into the tricks of the false online casinos

Cases of internet scams have skyrocketed in 2020, and some of them have online casinos as the main bait. They offer the possibility of enjoying gambling with numerous advantages through some bonuses that seem impossible, but what they seek is to take advantage of the initial deposit to take the user’s money and cheat him with false promises.

Can these scams be avoided? Of course you can. The first and most important requirement is to use common sense, although this is something that is not very present on the net. The second thing is to read the instructions we are going to give you now. They are the best way to avoid falling into the trap of fake Internet casinos.

Is your web site HTTPS?

If you enter the website of a safe online casino as, you will see that in the URL, that combination of letters and symbols that appears above in the browser, the sequence begins with “https”. This means that you are inside a secure website and therefore all your information is protected. Or at least it should be.

In the case of accessing an online casino that doesn’t have the https protocol, which doesn’t meet that requirement we just told you about, the best thing to do is to leave the same way you came in. The probability of it being a scam is very high because, right from the start, it doesn’t even meet one of the minimum conditions of today’s websites.


Of course, in order for an online gambling or betting operator to operate legally in a country, it needs to have the relevant licenses from the organism that is in charge of establishing the requirements for an online casino to be considered legal in the country and to be able to develop its activity.

User opinions

One of the things that never fails when it comes to knowing the quality or legality of something is simply to ask other people who have tried it before. On the Internet it is not necessary to go directly to consult a person, unless you know of someone who can help. You only have to search through Google to find numerous forums or even social networks in which they are talking about it.

Thus, with a brief consultation with the name of the casino in question, probing if it is a scam, a con, a deception or steals money from their customers, you can have many results. This step must be taken carefully and calmly, because false comments can also arise that only seek to harm the platform in question or, on the contrary, the person who seeks to make the consultation.

Professional Reviews

The last step to be taken, and perhaps one of the most important. If you want to know if a casino is reliable or not, if it’s a scam or, simply, you want to check what advantages it can give you, then you have the possibility to go to websites with professional reviews. There are many online portals that have specialized in scrutinizing every little detail of online operators to help dubious users.

It goes without saying that if it is a fake gambling operator, it will not directly appear among the professional reviews and, if it does, it will surely be accompanied by a huge warning of what it really is. In case of being a reliable casino, these websites will serve you to see if it’s a good option or if there are other better platforms. Either way, you win.

It’s very important to apply all this, although you can start with the final step if you want. This way you can avoid any trick that fake internet casinos want to sneak in to get your money. Pay attention, be very careful and above all, be very calm. With that, you’ll already have a lot of money.