How Old Do You Have To Be, To Gamble?

How Old Do You Have To Be, To Gamble?

Legal gambling age is an age requirement for an individual to be allowed to gamble. Every territory in the world has its own set of gambling age requirements, so it really depends on the country where the casino is operating.

Legal gambling age varies by country because of the differing laws and jurisdiction the country has, legal gambling age also varies depending on the form of gambling being played. There is no universally accepted legal gambling age as there are countries that prohibit gambling in general and there are countries that have vague laws about gambling.

We will discuss in this article the current legal gambling age status for casino players around the world according to Asiaone news.

What age is appropriate for gambling?

Like we said earlier, there is no universally accepted legal gambling age. To be allowed to play legally in any casino really depends on the laws of the city, country or territory where the casino that you want to play operates.

Also, other regulations apply on other entities like cruise ships and international waters. However, the most common legal ages to gamble worldwide are 18 and 21. Additionally, cities also abide by the laws of their country without exceptions.

What age is appropriate to gamble online?

The answer to this question is basically the same thing as the first question. Some online casinos operate internationally so the legality of the participation of a player really depends on the nationality of the player and the laws existing in their country about legal gambling age. However, the most common appropriate age where players are allowed to sign up in an online casino is 18 and 21.

Legal gambling age in North America

In North America, gambking laws vary from country to country. In the US, the appropriate age for gambling depends on the state where the casino exists. For example, Las Vegas may be a popular city when it comes to gambling but the casinos in the city operate under the gaming commission in the state of Nevada.

Legal gambling age in Europe

In Europe, every country in the continent has its own collection of laws and regulations regarding gamblig. Countries like Andorra and Bosnia and Herzegovina don’t have specific requirements regarding the legal gambling age. In the theocratic country of Vatican City, gambling age is not legally defined.

Legal gambling age in Asia

Asia is the most populous and biggest continent in the world. Each country in Asia has its own laws and regulations concerning gambling. In Countries like China, all types of gambling is illegal, this is why people go to Macau or Hongkong to play at a casino like ban ca casino.

Like China, it is illegal to gamble in Indonesia, that’s why people go to Japan to gamble. Muslim countries like Pakistan, Quatar and Saudi Arabia prohibits gambling i their country.

Legal gambling age in South America

Similarly with any territories, South America’s countries have differing laws and regulations about gambling. However, South America is the only region in the world where they have countries with less stricter laws and lowest age restrictions, most countries have age requirements of 18 and above.

Legal gambling age in Oceania

In Oceania, two of the most provincial territories have different age requirements, 18 in Australia and 20 in New Zealand.

Legal gambling age in Africa

Africa also varies on gambling regulations depending on the country. Gambling is illegal in Ethiopia and Libya while in Tunisia gambling is allowed at any age.

Places in the world where gambling is illegal

Countries in the world where gambling is illegal such as China, Saudi Arabia, UA, Qatar, Lebanon, Indonesia and Thailand. Some of these countries are predominantly Muslim, this is why one has to review the gambling laws existing in each country before entering.

Final words

Like we said earlier in thisAsiaone post, there is no universal legal gambling age. Even if 18 and 21 are the common gamblng age worldwide, it is safe to check the gambling laws within your country before you attempt to gamble.