GD6 Announces Partnership With Renowned Chinese Footballer Wu Lei

GD6 Announces Partnership With Renowned Chinese Footballer Wu Lei

Online betting site, GD6 announced their newest partnership with Chinese footballer, Wu Lei. As one of the most popular footballers in Asia and top scorer for Shanghai Port F.C, Wu is no stranger to competition.

The GD6’s Media Director, Gary Lee has stated that they are “very proud” to have him on board because he “is an excellent example of a professional athlete who knows how to balance hard work and play.” As the first ever football player to be sponsored by the company, Wu will represent GD6’s “core values of fairness and integrity.”

In addition to this partnership, GD6 casino is also working with Wu Lei on a new initiative that will use his knowledge of sports inside information for gambling purposes.

They have also recently launched their mobile app which will make it easier for people to use the site on-the-go. Moreover, they are offering exclusive promotions to all new customers who sign up via Wu’s official Weibo account. This is an exciting opportunity for both companies as GD6 expands into this new market while giving loyal fans another way to show their support for Wu Lei.

“GD6 has become one of the most trusted betting platforms in China’s sports industry,” says Wu Lei. “It not only provides extensive live data on games across all leagues but also offers users a diverse range of services such as traditional and e-sports betting, live streaming, and lottery”

Wu Lei is known for his speed and agility on the field and will be featured in commercials for the brand alongside other popular athletes. GD6 plans to use this deal to reach out to young people who are interested in football but have not yet found their favorite team or player.