EPL 2022/2023: Current Sportsbook and Singapore Pools Favorite Odds

EPL 22/23: Current Sportsbook and Singapore Pool Favourite Odds

With each team already playing six games, the 2022/2023 English Premier League season is well underway. The first few weeks of this year’s edition of the EPL already brought countless surprises to Singaporean fans, with new players showing off their skills and teams displaying the strength of their squad. The results in the past matchdays have already brought numerous fans different emotions, especially those engaged in football betting.

Betting on traditional sports like football has been around for years, but it has only become more prevalent in Singapore in the past decade. The development of online casino platforms has made football betting more accessible to countless people, allowing them to place a Singapore sports bet with just a few clicks on their devices. And one of the most popular tournaments that Singaporeans bet on is Premier League, mainly due to its appeal as one of the biggest football competitions worldwide.

For those looking to start their football betting journey, this is the perfect time to start researching the current season and how various factors can affect the games’ outcomes. Furthermore, learning about the current Singapore Pools soccer odds can help any sports bettors formulate a reliable strategy to maximize their wagers and improve their chances of winning when the season ends next year.

For example, the current favorite to win the tournament is Manchester City, with sportsbooks expecting the reigning champs to get their third-straight title. They have 1.65 odds in SG pools and 1.50 in M8Bet, way ahead of Liverpool, who currently have 3.00 odds in SG pools and 4.00 odds in M8Bet. Meanwhile, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United complete the top 6 in the odds to win the Premier League this year.

Besides this, sportsbooks have favorites to win other football betting categories, such as Nottingham Forest getting relegated and Erling Haaland becoming the top goalscorer. To learn more about the current sportsbook and Singapore Pools Odds for the Favorites to win in the Premier League, check this infographic by CM2Bet.