Avoid basic mistakes: see how poker scoring works

Avoid basic mistakes: see how poker scoring works

Learning the basics of poker online is not as complex as some people assume. Many poker players want to advance in the sport without having a clear grasp of the rules of the game. We should not assume this common mistake. Occasionally it is necessary to go back to basics, review some of the important information in order to maintain a high level of play. Every poker player should know all the possible combinations. Today we will talk about poker scores, showing that they do not depend on the individual strength of the cards, but on the different possible combinations.

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A little about Texas Hold’em rules 

Texas Hold’em is the main form of poker and the goal of every hand is to win the pot. How we reach goal is what matters here. With game time and technical improvement, you can use the bluff feature on certain occasions, or even learn to use the range of hands. However, regardless of your strategy, some things do not change.

First – Texas Hold’em is a game in which combinations are made up of five cards. You and your opponent are dealt two cards, another five are face up on the table.

Second – At the end of the round whoever has the best combination of the five best cards wins and takes the pot. In case of a tie, it is split.

The bets in Texas Hold’em

With the cards dealt, even before the flop comes on the table, the good part begins – the betting. Depending on each player’s table position and based on the information he has, the first moves are made. The main movements are –

  • Bet: it is when you place chips on the table by challenging other players to place a bet.
  • Call: is when you bet a number of chips that is similar to what was made by the last player.
  • Raise: is when you increase the value of bets that have already been placed before.
  • Fold: it is the same as running, giving up that hand. Folding is sometimes necessary.
  • Check: it is the same as asking for a pass. It means that the player remains at the table, but not betting at first. Checking is the only possible alternative when you are the first player to bet.
  • All-In: strategy used by a player who decides to bet all his chips in a single round.
  • Showdown: is the moment of the round that occurs if there are two or more players who remained in the hand until the end.

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You make these basic moves in a poker game. When we start playing poker, this task seems too difficult. Nevertheless, over time we discover that it is not. Over time, we learn to interpret certain situations.


In today’s article, we highlight some basic Texas Hold’em rules to clarify how poker scores are calculated. We leave you with some valuable tips that can help you improve your hand reading skill, so essential in the sport. There are sites that offer genuine poker online idn experience. You need to research and choose the trusted casino site.