Anonymous Poker – Is It Killing the Game?

How Poker Tools and Other Software Are Killing the Online Game

Anonymous poker looks like a new trend these days. More and more portals pop up and allow anonymous poker without even creating an account. They take payments in cryptocurrencies and allow using electronic wallets. Join in, pay the money and have fun. There are no restrictions and no one knows who they play against.

World renowned portals and gambling websites are also putting such options on trial. They fail to call it anonymous poker because there is no such thing there – you still have to sign up. You still have to provide some details. Instead, they call it stealth poker, as you cannot see your opponents’ stats and rankings.

Now, truly anonymous poker avoids all restrictions associated with gambling sites. You start with small amounts of money and withdrawals are pretty much instant. Apart from the low rake, you will also love the possibility to play over all kinds of devices – from smartphones to laptops. Now, how does this anonymous style benefit the poker industry? Is it really helpful in the long run?

The issue with new players

New and inexperienced players are often picked by advanced players. They are easy money. The truth is whether anonymous or not, poker is the same – a good player will still pick on small details and figure their opponent’s style before taking their money. But then, the anonymous style brings in a few advantages in the long run.

Most importantly, new players will need more time to lose money. Instead of being picked by good players, they join a table where no one knows them. A new player could be against a world champion and none of them is aware of the other player’s capabilities. Losing this unfair advantage for experienced players, newbies will no longer lose their money within the first hours or days.

As they may actually gain some money out of it too, chances are they will stick to the game. They will return, even if they lose their deposit. On the other hand, getting ripped within a few hours is not too exciting. As it is now, poker is less likely to retain new players without experience – anonymous poker goes the other way though.

Better game or more luck?

An anonymous poker platform like XMRPoker puts random people together. A new player is an instant victim the moment they join a table. When no one knows who they are, good players will need more hands to actually figure a way to win. From this point of view, new players will find anonymous poker more suitable for them. Some of them may believe their game has gotten better.

It is only a misconception. The truth is good players will simply require more time to figure their opponents out. When they are able to see statistics, they know upfront what chances they stand.

Will it affect good players?

Not necessarily. Anonymous poker is still anonymous. An experienced player will still own a newbie, only it will take longer. The challenge is usually welcomed by good players. However, sharks will not necessarily enjoy it. While against the moral rules of the game, sharks often gather in small groups and target new or inexperienced players.

Other benefits

Instant withdrawals represent another major advantage that draws more and more players towards anonymous poker. You do not want to wait for days. Instead, play, win, play again and so on. The game is more dynamic and provides a fast paced alternative to classic poker.

Furthermore, those who have signed for the self exclusion gambling scheme will find it nearly impossible to remove themselves from the list. Even if they are back on track with their finances and they only want to play recreational poker every now and then, this list will be tough to deal with – anonymous poker overlooks this issue.

Anonymous poker also provides extra payment solutions, such as cryptocurrencies and associated wallets. In other words, the rake is extremely low and you no longer need to bother with overwhelming initial deposits.


As a short final conclusion, anonymous poker is certainly gaining notoriety. Whether or not it is more beneficial for the game is hard to tell. Ask different players and you will get different answers based on their skills.

One thing is for sure though – bad players will no longer lose their money that quickly, meaning the game is likely to retain players. A bigger player pool can only indicate one thing – more fun, entertainment and options for everyone.​