A comeback. What it means and how to bet

A comeback. What it means and how to bet

Comeback is the outcome of a match in which the winning team or athlete concedes at first but succeeds due to a superior desire. Such events are very common in the sporting world and individual matches become textbooks.

Winning strategy

According to 1win, a popular betting strategy is for a comeback for the favorites in a football match. If the leading team, the champion, faces an underdog, the odds on the former are minimal and rarely go higher than 1.2-1.3. It also happens that the favorite will be the first to concede.

There are several factors to take into account when betting on a winnings strategy:

  • The favorite is motivated to win and no other outcome suits the team. Especially if the tournament means a lot to the club, be it a cup game or a championship match;
  • A fundamental game or a derby is a meeting between teams from the same city. The sides may also be burning with revengeful attitudes;
  • A game in a home arena. At home, the home team is fervently supported and pushed forward, even more so if the team is losing. This encourages the players to perform small feats. In such cases, the chances of a home win increase; 
  • Statistics and current state. Watch the form of the team leaders, the absence of key players, or the physical and mental condition of the team. Current game series, changes in coaches, management, players, team discord, and other factors. These should be taken into account when choosing a bet.

A wager on a comeback win should be placed when the leader concedes a goal at the start of the game, which did not follow the logic of the game. Keep an eye on the statistics of possession, shots, and dangerous attacks.