7 Myths About Online Gambling In Singapore

7 Myths About Online Gambling In Singapore

Online gambling in Singapore has become more common than ever before. It offers people the chance to enjoy their favourite games whenever they want, wherever they may be. The technological age has a lot of benefits and it’s good to see that online casinos are among them. Of course, every industry has its myths, and online gambling is no exception.

There are many myths out there about Singaporean online gambling. Thus, knowing what is true and what isn’t will help you make wiser choices when it comes to choosing a betting site to play in Singapore. Here are some of the most common myths:

There Is No Law Against Online Gambling

While one may not see any legal repercussions if caught playing an online casino game in Singapore, there are laws against promoting or participating in illegal activities. 

One can face criminal charges, regardless of whether they are a local or foreigner, who are fined up to the maximum S$5,000.

Online Casinos In Singapore Only Offer Top Games

One of the biggest factors that attract players to online casinos is their wide range of games. People tend to think that they only offer the top rated and most popular games, but there are hundreds of casino games available at any given site. 

Some of these games include: Scratch cards, card games such as poker and blackjack, arcade games and even sportsbook-style games like in-play betting.

You Can’t Play Casino Games For Free Before You Sign Up

In many betting sites in Singapore, players have the opportunity to play for free before they start spending real money on bets. While online casinos don’t offer this service it doesn’t mean that you can’t play for free. 

Most sites offer a range of no deposit bonuses to new players along with opportunities to play in free poker tournaments and casino games such as roulette, craps and blackjack.

Online Casinos Are All About Cheating

Just like any other casino in Singapore, online casinos also follow a strict anti-cheating policy. Online casino platforms are monitored for fairness, and each game has its RTP (return to player) rate displayed next to it. The chances of winning can be lowered if the player does not play within his or her means.

You Can’t Deposit Or Withdraw Money Using Your Local Currency

Some people think that they will only be able to deposit money using another currency. This is not the case at all as most online casinos offer players the ability to play in their local currency, usually Singaporean Dollars (SGD). This means you will avoid huge fees and charges by using your local currency for transactions.

Online Casinos Will Block Your Access


Many players use shared or public internet access for online casino games, and that can be a problem if their computer has been infected with malware designed to empty bank accounts. 

This is why safety is important when playing at an online casino, as they want to keep the player safe from harm both physically and financially.

Online Casinos Are Phishing Sites

There are many cyber criminals who make it their game to scam players out of money. One way they do this is through phishing sites, where the player thinks they are at an online casino but end up depositing money into a compromised account instead. 

This kind of thing can be prevented by using the correct antivirus and anti-malware software before playing, and looking at the web address carefully when entering personal information.